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"My sessions are intended to encourage, inspire, and empower you. "

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Soul Coaching

In a sporting context, the coach guides the team through the event. In a spiritual context, coaching is guidance into yourself. I offer you a safe space for you to explore areas where you feel stuck and see more of your precious brilliant light. When you feel like something is missing for you, like you aren't enough, coaching guides you toward the places within where your self-love, faith and expansion are cultivated. Coaching helps you find the strengths that you may have forgotten in your heart.   

The session is $125 for 60 minutes.


Mentoring: Business or Spiritual Gifts

For business mentoring I help you grow your ides into reality by offering insight, encouragement and planning. For spiritual gifts mentoring I help you understand your abilities, how to grow them and work with them. I can also assist you on your Spiritual journey as a guide as you awaken to your higher consciousness.

This session is $125 for 60 minutes. 


Private Class for Up to Four People

Immerse yourself in the material and soak in the offerings of new ideas or a fresh presentation on that which you know and love. Book for yourself or for you and three others to enjoy 75 minutes of topics like Healing Core Wounds, Forgiveness, Boundaries, or more light hearted areas like Crystals 101 and How to read Oracle Cards. 

This session is $150 for 75 minutes. 


The Power Pack

Combining an oracle card reading and spiritual coaching to help you see all of the paths that are there before you. This comprehensive session is excellent for identifying patterns and cycles. As you integrate whole health, the idea of attention for mind, body and spirit, you are in a steadier place of personal power. You are positioned better to break cycles, to change the patterns that are no longer working and to go deeper into that which is working for your wild and wonderful self. 

This session is $145 for 60 minutes.

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Free Zoom Classes

On a semi-regular basis, join me to explore healing. Classes usually include a healing exercise or meditation, journal prompts and affirmations. Topics include such variety as a deep dive on each chakra, Guide to Prayer, and a series on self-love. Classes offer you tools and ways of seeing things in ways that empower you, lighting you up to see yourself as beloved and deserving of all you can envision. 


I am not a licensed therapist or counselor. If you are in need of mental health resources, I recommend scheduling an appointment with a psychiatrist.

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