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Portrait of Kristy

"Melissa has such a gentle approach to unearthing your soul's desire and helps you to gain insight to the struggles and blocks you may be experiencing. She created the right space and atmosphere that within minutes of sharing my story I felt at ease and safe to share my vulnerability. Her warmth, depth and kindness as an intuitive listener is so inviting. I was guided to get curious and reflective as she knows how to connect to spirit. I left more attuned and I feel I am able to confront my challenges confidently. I had a lighter, clearer view of my soul's purpose. I would highly recommend Melissa and her amazing gifts for any clarity within."
 ~ Kirsty

"Missy radiates energy, encouragement and kindness. Both gifted and practices, Missy's sensitivity has a way of gently meeting yours. From there, the real healing begins as you walk your path, Missy helps you find your inner guidance, helps you see you have everything you need within, and so much more. she gives language to the feeling you don't understand, and bears witness to your transformation as you grow into your own sacred glow. "
~ Sarah

Portrait of Sarah
Portrait of Amanda L.

"I found Missy through TikTok and I'm so so glad I did! She's such an inspiration! Her inspo/Motos help to start my days on the right foot! I decided to start coaching with her and I've learned so much. She's absolutely fantastic! Especially during these times its really important to take care of yourself. I recommend her to all of my friends.”
~ Amanda L.

During this past year, when covid forced the world to step  inside and withdraw physically, folks like myself took this opportunity to also look inward and work on building a better understanding of self worth, forgiveness and growth. That’s the exact moment the universe brought Missy into my pane of view. Missy helped guide me through some issues by allowing me to be authentic and open and listening to me full heartedly. Walking into her space with grace, humility & abundance in openness, Missy helps bring light to the shadows of spirt. Drawing in from various avenues of medicine, science, holistic & intuitive resources, she brightens and builds up positivity in a world currently wrought with divisiveness and clamoring for ego.  She is a builder when negativity and doubt try and tear down. Thank you for building a safe space Missy and for helping folks tend to their gardens with the tools you helped them find, that they always had."
~ Billy S.

Portrait of Billy
Portrait of Jen

"The first time Missy came across my TikTok I was instantly drawn to her. After watching several of her videos and attending her Zoom classes, I decided to book a one-on-one session with her. She made me feel safe, non judged, and like I mattered. I've been seeing Missy for a few months now and have grown and healed so much!  If you're ready to do some deep healing, soul searching, and take your inner power back, Missy can help you get there!"
~ Jen

Missy helped me in so many ways and I am forever grateful. She gave me the tools that I didn’t know I needed to work through my grief, and to see that there’s a beautiful life to be lived. I thought I was managing it well on my own, however I was wrong. We were able to work through so much together! I am so thankful that she took the time to get to know me, help me, and not allow me to suppress my feelings any longer. I can honestly say that I no longer put on a fake smile every morning. It was life changing, and I am so happy to be where I am now."
~ Kevin D

Portrait of Kevin D.
Portrait of Lacey H.

"I found my TikTok bestie Missy in July 2020. I came for the southern, fiesty humor. But then I stayed for the heart work when I wasn't even looking for it. Her videos, heart, live shows, spirit, and guidance (from her and her divinely given spirit gifts) have changed my life in the last year. Her private reading with me and free online class shook me to my core and made me realize and face things on such a deep level that my heart actually changed during and after the process. I identify as an animal rescuer, but Missy is a person and soul rescuer. She has changed my own internal monologue for the better, given me more confidence than I've ever had at a low, and made me remember that I am worthy, loved, and divinely guided. Get your notepad and pen ready and do it."
~ Lacey H.

"I stumbled upon Missy’s TikTok videos at the beginning of 2020. We were at the start of a global pandemic, I had just lost my long time partner, protector, best friend of 20 years and was trying to buy/sell two homes and move by myself. Probably the lowest time in my life. Little did I know that while trying to quiet my mind of all that was going on around me, finding her videos would be the start of not only a friendship with a true angel, but the beginning of the best chapter of my life. I don’t quite know how to describe someone literally touched by God and for sure put here on this earth to help people through their healing journey. Soul level healing with Missy is something you just have to experience yourself. She’s pretty damn funny too! Missy has a way of seeing to your core and identifying those things that no longer serve you while providing a very safe place for you to recognize them on your own and is right there with you as heal yourself. It is also beautiful to see video after video of testimonies from people whose lives have been impacted forever because of her. Sign up for one of her free Zoom classes or book and appointment with her. You’ll want to make one on one’s with her part of your life! You won’t regret one minute of it!."
~ Heather P.

Portrait of Heather P.
Portrait of Margaret H.

"I first discovered Missy on TikTok and signed up to receive emails to participate in her free zoom classes that she was offering. I participated in several of the free group zoom meetings and enjoyed them. I learned many tools to help make me a better person. She then invited me to a zoom meeting about empaths and the information that I gained from that class was beneficial and helpful. It was after this Empath class, that I reached out to Missy for a one on one zoom meeting. As with everyone, I have heartache, stress, health issues, doubts, and fears. I have met with Missy one on one several times now, but even after that first one on one session, she gave me tools, homework and life lessons that have benefited me so much. Not only does she guide me spiritually and lift me up, but her experience as a nurse of over 18 years has been invaluable to me."
~ Margaret  H.

"Missy is amazing! Her insight and wisdom combined with her compassion and warm smile, instantly put you at ease. Whether it is a one on one session or in a group (Zoom) class, she'll reach into your soul and reveal the person you thought was lost ( or maybe never even knew was there)! Missy leaves you filled with hope and positivity, in a way that only she can!"
~ Nicolette S.

Portrait of Nicolette
Portrait of Nicole S.

"When you spend time with Missy you will feel like you are spending time with your best friend. She has a way of connecting with and calming any concerns or worries, you can tell she truly cares for her clients. She is a genuine and kind being who is here to help you heal and unlock your best self. Missy has taught and shown me a lot about the benefits of letting go, forgiving and setting boundaries. Occasionally her guidance feels like a really loving smack upside the head. The information and guidance you don't want to hear, but you know you need to. She has helped me unlock the love and light I have kept locked away within myself and am now learning to let it shine. She is a big soul with a beautiful purpose and I admire her kind and gentle nature. Thank you Missy!”
~ Nicole S.

"Missy has helped me more in the past 3 months than a year and a half in traditional counseling. She has taken me from surviving to thriving! She gave me the tools necessary to heal my mind, body and spirit. Along with her genuine and down to earth personality, she has truly empowered me. She is truly a gem! Missy is her real self and her tough love has helped to pull me from darkness into the light. Truly anointed woman of God!"
~ Deborah M.

Portrait of Deborah M.
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