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Change your thoughts, change your life.


We can be transformed through the renewal of our mind. I believe that begins with the renewal of our Spirit. To live a fully well and functional life we need to balance our mind body and Spirit. A lot of people treat the body with traditional western medicine and maybe even the mind with therapy and other modalities. I saw a lack in the treating of the Spirit which is why my focus as a Soul Coach is to help bring people into alignment with their soul therefore empowering them to live a life from the center of their truth. Growing up and in young adulthood we often lose sight of our authenticity. I help people remember their authentic selves. I help people heal the issues that cause them to repeat patterns in their life that keep them stuck. I help empower people by showing them the behaviors that disempower them. 

In my zoom sessions, the client and I work  together to discover where and why they are stuck. We then discuss ways to live more empowered more fulfilled and well.  I help people live with more hope and joy.  

I am also a mentor to those wanting to begin their awakening journey. I am a Spiritual guide and mentor to those who want to deepen in their understanding of spirituality and the universe.

I am an RN, Soul Coach, Reiki Practitioner and Intuitive Energetic Healer. I have been featured on psychic medium John Edwards’ web series Evolve, I am a Certified Soul Coach, and a Certified Reiki Practitioner. I am not a therapist, I do not work in this capacity as a licensed medical professional. I recommend anyone with mental health issues to consult a psychiatrist prior to scheduling an appointment with me.

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